About Us

The Builtbot Story

Builtbot is a commercial interior design company established in 2013. With our in-house project and construction team, we provide innovative and functional design solutions for various commercial spaces, such as offices, retail outlets, educational spaces and restaurants.


We specialises in commercial Building Works, Space Planning & Interior Design


Building Works

We carry out structural and non-structural additions and alterations with quality workmanship. Our scope of services includes but are not limited to partition wall construction, glass panel and doors, carpentry and electrical works.

  • Building & Construction
  • Construction Management


Space Planning

We work to ensure your space can be used to its maximum potential without compromising on its function, comfort and style. Our expert team of designers at Builtbot are equipped to provide optimal solutions for your space.

  • Design Conceptualisation
  • Furniture Layout
  • Detail Architectural Technical Drawings
  • Cost Estimate & Budget Allocation


Interior Design

Our designers coordinate and oversee the project from planning to creating a beautiful functional space. We work closely with our clients to develop designs based on their needs and wants including picking of materials and furnishings such as furniture, lighting, flooring, colours and décor.

  • 3D Visual Perspective Drawings
  • Materials & Colour Consultation
  • Interior Decor with Arts & Accessories
  • Project Management

Client’s Stories

Our team consists of self-driven & motivated individuals who have extensive skills and are committed to meeting our clients’ needs. One of our key aspects are our skilled and experienced contractors and suppliers, allowing the projects to be completed timely without compromising on quality.

Besides understanding the importance of effective communications, providing good designs and excellent services, we also believe in achieving our clients’ expectations and standards while focusing on delivering quality design, close project supervision and of course, cost-effective execution with new innovative design and technologies.

Check out what others have to say about their experience with Builbot:

To say the experience of working with Builtbot is wonderful, is a total understatement…

During the process of planning for the renovation, the unique services that Builtbot have provided for us, their emphasis on coming over to our existing property to check out our every single demand and the things that we do not find ideal in our current property is something we were really impress of.


Co-Owner, Pots & Pans Culinary Studio

Jasmine and her team delivered to us a final product that was on budget, on time, a schedule we were very comfortable with. They understood our requirements very well and how we intended to use the space. Having taken over the office the last couple of months, it has been great to have them still follow up with us.


The Digital Lab