Kinetics Process Systems

This office space aims to create a new business culture, to be vibrant and inspiring. The use of concealed lights in the walls creates a soft and diffused lighting throughout the main entrance, fostering a pleasant and welcoming environment. This effectively transformed the minimalistic area while highlighting the signage wall.

One of the main goals was to design an area that can nurture special connections for cohesion among employees to comfortably gather for meals, discussions and have a break. To achieve this, our designer created a high bar table for easy conversation and the use of rich cobalt blue colour to give the space a calming outlook.

Our designers use varying bright coloured wall accents for each room to enhance the once monochromatic meeting room while also adding a much-needed personality to them. By keeping the other elements in solid neutral shade helps to maintain a balance. Having the main colour of each room in bright colour while the front entrance remains muted, creates a contrast between the spaces.

7,500 sqft
Pop of Colour
Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Works