Pots & Pans Culinary Studio

This futuristic studio is thoughtfully built to be timeless, cozy and minimalistic with its focus on symmetry. Incorporating a stretch fabric membrane on the ceiling creates a skylight, giving it a spaceship-like effect.

One of the requirements was to have sufficient storage to fit the bigger equipment and appliances. To ensure efficient space-planning, custom-designed full height cabinets were built into each studio along the walls. The closed cabinets provide more storage while significantly reducing the need for maintenance. The fluted panel feature wall behind the reception not only helps to elevate the space but it is also used to conceal a small office.

The overall sleek and minimalistic outlook is achieved by integrating natural materials such as wood, glass and metal into the furniture and accessories. This design attempts to create a space that is both relaxing and inspiring, where students feel excited to learn.

3,500 sqft
Futuristic Spaceship
Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Works